A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle

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A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle

By healthy diet we mean the amount of food to be consumed by an individual to stay healthy. It is in the hand of an individual to decide the amount of food to be taken to stay fit and healthy. While selecting a balanced healthy diet you have to select the same from a wide range of food and drinks. The main aim of a good healthy diet is to provide required amount of nutrition to body in a recommended level. Two major aspects of a good diet are the nature of food you are taking and the amount of the food which you need to take. In order to maintain the correct weight of body and also to lose the excess weight the mentioned two factors need to be taken care off.

Tips for Healthy DietIn the urge of taking a healthy diet you take the same in higher amount, then that will end up in increased weight because of excess intake of calories. The nutrition parameter needs to be taken care of properly to keep you healthy.

Popular Diet Food List

The Atkins Diet: The prime intention of this diet is to control the level of insulin in the body. There will be a rise in the level of insulin with the intake of refined carbohydrate food and then a rapid fall in the level of insulin will be noticed. Adapting to Atkins diet will make sure that you lose weight and maintain it along with a good health and a strong disease prevention power.

The Vegetarian Diet: The maximum population of vegetarian people avoids animal based food with exception to eggs, milk and other products of dairy. Research has shown that people living on vegetarian diet posses less weight in general with higher expectancy level of life.

The Vegan Diet: People living on this diet avoid totally any type of animal based food. They prefer not to take animal food both for health and environmental reason. It protects to a large extent from the life taking diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Plant based food forms the base for this type of diet.

The Zone Diet: A balance of carbohydrate, fats and proteins forms the base of this healthy diet. It helps in controlling insulin level of body ending with a loss to weight. Well defined level of Zone diet helps to stay healthy and fit.

The South Beach Diet: This diet came into existence by the initiative of Dr. Agatston a cardiologist and Marie Almon a nutritionist. This healthy diet also aims in control of insulin level in body.

The Weight Watchers Diet: The prime motto of this diet is to reduce the weight which is excess in body. Concentration is given to the criteria for selecting food which will help in reduction of weight. The diet is revealed by Jean Nidetch a Home Maker, founder of Weight Watchers Organization.

The Mediterranean Diet: The main concentration of this type is for the people Greece, Crete and south of Italy. The major food type in this type of diet is plant food, cereals, beans, olive oil and fresh fruits. Fish and poultry foods along with yoghurt and cheese are also included in the diet.

The Raw Food Diet: As per this form of healthy diet it is suggested that about three quarter of the food taken should be raw in nature. They people taking this diet avoid animal based food.

Food to be Taken for A Healthy Diet

As per Nutrition guidelines it is recommended that we should take wide variety of food. We should avoid skipping of meals as these results in excess intake of food when the food is taken. So the foods to be taken are: By taking a good healthy diet we will increase our emery and power in body to fight back any disease and stay fit and happy.

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