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Acne: Scientific Theories and Latest Treatment Methods

Acne’ is the profound skin affliction which is dominant with individuals who reach adolescence till the mid thirties, hence is a problem at such an age in life where matrimonial signups are significant, as for the teenagers for them it’s a setback in their personality developments.

Why Does Acne Take Place: Cystic Acne occurs due to oil secretions which accumulate the skin pores, hence unsteady flow of the sebaceous glands within the dermis of the skin tissues, leads to inflammations and itches, which later turn red signifying the occurrence of a zit/pimple.Acne Treatment ReviewsTypes of Acne: Acne is observed on the skin in different and distinct forms which mediate simply due to the most customary reason, ‘too much oil on the skin’. The oil which entraps pathogenic substances and toxins coagulate and form cystic eruptions which not only pain but also can lead to fever in some serious cases. Hence we have whiteheads, pustules, blackheads, papules and nodules all of which result in scarring.

Sources of Acne:

Hormonal Changes: During the age of adolescence, there are secretions in the body which consist of certain hormones, mostly the androgens which are produced at an excessive rate. These chemical constituents trigger reactions which cause certain glands to produce certain substances which even though are necessary however their increased denomination only leads to pimples.

Heredity: Scientists have found that ‘Acne’ is also a skin disorder which shifts from generations, hence the chronic pattern obtained with respect to the pedigree chart of a family where the genes contain this certain imprint of proteins which secrete excess hormones can be another reason for ‘Acne’.

Physical and Physiological Health: A diet which contains fatty acids and unwarranted carbohydrates can only increase cholesterol levels, risk your cardiac system and amplify the sebaceous glands to store surplus fat which leads to acne problems. Also the kind of surroundings one lives in affects the skin, since pathogens in the air can infect our skin pores and lead to severe skin afflictions.

How to Treat Acne?

Acne Home Remedies

Using lemon extract or maybe orange peel is a better option in case the lime burns your skin. You may also use cucumber where the pulp can be mixed with some water to apply on the itching area.

Using garlic is another remedy which has proven to be useful. You may massage the afflicted region with raw garlic peel and observe instant relief from your boils.

Try making a paste which contains green tea extract, or simply use green tea bags, soaked on the affected pimples. The anti-inflammatory substances will immediately flatten the eruptions.

Healthy Diet with Lots of Water: Balanced nutritional feed accompanied with gallons of water a day, regular exercise are simple doses to treat skin afflictions.

Artificial Remedies

Blue Light Therapy: Physical treatment which involves using blue laser light that kills the bacterium (P. acnes) from tainting your skin, is a new method evolved which successfully treats the skin from Acne infections.

Chemicals: In fact using some famous products like ‘Persa-Gel’ or ‘Clearasil’, even Cetaphil, which is a famous brand are some skin care products which can applied to treat Acne.

Don’t scratch that pimple! And now there’s a blotch on your pretty face, quite a disaster isn’t it? However some simple methods of skin care and a wholesome lifestyle can keep such inflictions like ‘Acne’ away.

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