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Scroll down for Akon new songs 2013 list including new albums Stadium. Full list of Akon top 10 songs till end 2013 . The list of songs by akon that have been mentioned have been the great ones and these are usually played at many weddings and they tend to change the atmosphere of a wedding. As soon as the songs by akon are played the crowed in the wedding automatically start to dance on the famous tracks. Not only the kids but also the grown up people give their best shots on the songs that have been sung by akon. Music by Akon. Listen top latest hit songs of Akon online …

Akon New Songs 2013 List | Best Songs by Akon | Top 10 Latest Hits
Wedding ceremony is a time that is very special for the couple and also the relatives of the couple and these songs composed by akon make it the best moments of their life as well. The parties are assumed to be silent without these songs. Various songs that suit the situation are also present.
All the ones who are interested in the music must stay connected to the updates through the internet to get the best results in terms of the best songs by akon.

Best Akon New Songs 2013 List

When The Time’s Right
Fair To You
Nosy Neighbour
You Don’t Want It
Holla Holla
Nobody Wanna See Us Together
Be With You
Against the Grain
Housefull 2
Oh Africa
One Day at a Time
Show Down
Locked Up
6 In the Morning
I’m So Paid
We Don’t Care
Once In A While
Look At Me Now
Right Now
One Day At A Time
Belly Dancer
Be With You
Chammak Challo
Love You No More
Clap Again
I Can’t Wait
I Am Not My Hair
I Wanna Love You
Sweetest Girl
Get Buck In Here
Cross That Line
Kill The Dance
What You Got
Never Gonna Get It
Keep On Calling
Keep You Much Longer
Hold My Hand
Silver and Gold
No More You
Keep Up

Top Akon New Songs 2013 List

Never Took The Time
I’ll Still Kill
Lonely lyrics
I Tried
No More You
I Wanna F**k You
Gun Shot
Big Dog
Blown Away
Don’t Let Up
Still a Survivor
Hold My Hand
I’m So Paid
Don’t Matter
When I Get On
Easy Road
Sorry, Blame It On Me
Show Out
Smack That
Trouble Nobody
Walk Away
Pot Of Gold
Over The Edge
Moon Shine
Cocaine Cowboy
Bad Man Walkin
Trouble maker
Right Now (Na Na Na)
Sorry, Blame Me
Burn That Bridge
Soul Survivor
Struggle Everyday
Sunny Day
Against The Grain
The Rain
Crank It

Enjoy Akon Songs List, Akon Latest Albums Songs 2013, Top 10 Hits,┬áNew Songs 2013 List, More Songs in this List Coming Soon till then Enjoy another Musician Songs List…

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