Top 10 Beth Hart Songs List of All Time

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Beth Hart was born on 24 January, 1972 at Los Angeles, California. She is an American singer-songwriter. Beth Hart became popular with the release of single ‘LA Song Out of this Town” from the album ‘Screamin’ for My Supper’. The single was super hit in New Zealand and at a US Adult Contemporay Top 5 hit. She is very much influenced by Rock, jazz, blues, gospel and classical music. In 2003 Hart’s ‘Leave the Light On’ was released. An Off-Broadway musical based on Joplin’s letters home to her mother, she played the lead role in “Love, Janis”.

Beth Hart Songs ListHart released “Live at Paradiso” in the year 2005. Her album 37 Days was released in July 2007. On NBC “Losing It with Jillian” used “Learning to Live” as the theme song.

Top 10 Beth Hart Songs of All Time

  1. Take It Easy on Me (2010) – My California
  2. My California (2010) – My California
  3. Hiding Under Water (2005) – Live at Paradiso
  4. I’d Rather Go Blind (2011) – Don’t Explain
  5. Soul Shine (2008) – 37 Days
  6. L.A. Song (1999) – Screamin’ for My Supper
  7. Forever Young (2008) – 37 Days
  8. Bang Bang Boom Boom (2012) – Bang Bang Boom Boom
  9. Learning to Live (2006) – All Woman 2
  10. Am I the One (2005) – Live at Paradiso
  11. I’ll Take Care of You (2011) – Don’t Explain
  12. Leave the Light On (2003) – Leave the Light On
  13. Chocolate Jesus (2011) – Don’t Explain
  14. Whole Lotta Love (2005) – Live at Paradiso
  15. Mother Maria (2010) – Slash

Beth Hart Albums

  • Fire on the Floor (2016)
  • Better Than Home (2015)
  • Bang Bang Boom Boom (2012-2013)
  • My California (2010-2011)
  • Beth Hart & the Ocean of Souls (2009)
  • 37 Days (2007)
  • Live at Paradiso (2005)
  • Leave the Light On (2003)
  • Screamin’ for My Supper (1999)
  • Immortal (1996)
  • Beth Hart and the Ocean of Souls (1993)

In February, 2012 a single “It Hurts” was released in which Hart collaborated with “Born”. Hart released “My California” in Europe on July 31, 2012. Beth Hart song ‘Take it Easy on Me’ was used in the first episode of the 8th series of the BBC-TV drama Waterloo Road , on August 23, 2012.

Beth Hart Album Immortal Songs List

  • Am I The One with Siham Shnurov
  • Blame The Moon with Siham Shnurov
  • God Bless You with Siham Shnurov
  • Hold Me Through The Night
  • Isolation with Siham Shnurov
  • State Of Mind with Siham Shnurov
  • Spiders In My Bed
  • Summer Is Gone

Beth Hart Album Screamin’ for My Supper Songs

  • Delicious Surprise
  • Girls Say
  • Get Your Shit Together
  • By Her
  • Is That Too Much to Ask
  • Just a Little Hole
  • LA Song (Out Of This Town)
  • Mama
  • Sky Is Falling

List of Beth Hart Songs – Leave the Light On Album

  • Sky Full of Clover
  • World Without You
  • Monkey Back
  • Lay Your Hands on Me
  • Lifts You Up
  • Leave the Light On
  • I’ll Stay with You
  • If God Only Knew
  • Bottle of Jesus
  • Broken and Ugly

It was announced in December 2012, that Beth and Joe Bonamassa were planning a tour in Europe. In Europe she released “Bang Bang Boom Boom” in the year 2012. The same album was released in the United States in 2013.Beth Hart New Album 2017Beth is married and currently resides in Los Angeles. Her band consists of lead guitarist Jon Nichols, drummer Todd Wolf and bassist Tom Lilly. All her works are managed by her manager David Wolff.

Popular Beth Hart Album Live at Paradiso Songs

  • Delicious Surprise
  • Whole Lotta Love
  • Mama
  • Get Your Shit Together
  • L.A. Song
  • Am I The One
  • Leave The Light On

37 Days Album of Best Beth Hart Songs

  • Soul Shine
  • Good as It Gets
  • Missing You
  • Heaven Look Down
  • Forever Young
  • One Eyed Chicken
  • At the Bottom

Top Beth Hart Songs from My California Album

  • Bad Love Is Good Enough
  • Everybody Is Sober
  • Happiness…Any Day Now
  • Like You (And Everyone Else)
  • Life Is Callin
  • Love Is The Hardest
  • My California
  • Weight Of The World
  • Sister Heroine feat. Slash
  • Take It Easy On Me

With the passage of time she was heavily drug addicted but now she has overcome her drug addiction. Hart can be considered as the singer of the generation her all songs are heart-throbbing. We wish Good Luck to Beth Hart for future prospects.

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