Bohemia The Punjabi Rapper New Songs 2013 – Top 10 List

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International Punjabi Sensation Rapper Bohemia was born on 15 October  1979 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakisthan and recently he moved to the United  States during his teen years. He Started learning music from his papa in early age and he lost his mother at the age 14. That thing made him mad and pushed in to negative things. Also Known all over world  as the creator  of  Punjabi Rap  music, Bohemia is a Pakistani  American Punjabi Rapper and a music producer from California. He earned popularity in the year 2003 with his debut  album Vich  Pardesan De – In The Foreign Land. He is the most popular punjabi rapper of all time in history. Bohemia 1st Full Length Punjabi Rap Songs  album Pesa  Nasha  Pyar   It also  brought his  creation of Punjabi rap Desi Rap OR Desi Hip Hop. His Bollywood Career Started in the year 2009 with the title track for Movies  Chandni  Chowk to China and also 8 x 10 Tasveer, Speedy Singhs and recently film Desi Boyz. Bohemia currently  preparing his 4th solo studio album for a release in the year 2012.

Bohemia Songs List

Bohemia The Punjabi Rapper New Songs 2013 List

Every Day – Pesa Nasha Pyar
The Irish Keep Gate – Let’s Bottle Bohemia
EK Tera Pyar – Da Rap Star
Welcome To The Out fit – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Remind Me – Pesa Nasha Pyar
The Curse Of Comfort – Let’s Bottle Bohemia
Kaun Hain Woh – Twist And Shout
Bandookaan – Bohe mia
BULAWA – Bohe mia
Diwana – Da Rap Star
Ek Tera Pyar – Da Rap Star
The Message – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Eitbaar Trust Me – Da Rap Star
Our Wasted Lives – Let’s Bottle Bohemia

List of Bohemia Songs – The Punjabi Rapper

I Love You – Twist And Shout
Desi Munde – Da Rap Star
Desi – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Not For All The Love In The World – Let’s Bottle Bohemia
Roop Tera Mastana – Twist And Shout
Holi Holi Nach – Twist And Shout
Dost Karleh Toast – Twist And Shout
Punjabi Rap Star – Da Rap Star
Dil – Da Rap Star
Gunagaar – Da Rap Star
2 Of The Best – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Dil Acapella – Da Rap Star
Guess Whos Back – Da Rap Star
Faded Beauty Queens – Let’s Bottle Bohemia
Ishq – Da Rap Star
Nachada punjab – Bohe mia
Twist and Shout – Twist And Shout
Do Dat Dance – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Charso Bees 420 – Da Rap Star
Sahara Lab De – Da Rap Star
Found My Rosebud  -Let’s Bottle Bohemia
Intro – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Mundiyan To Bachke – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Veera – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Bumpin My Song – Da Rap Star
What have I learned – Bohemia
Dil nai lagna – Bohe mia
Gangsta Shit – Pesa Nasha Pyar

Bohemia The Punjabi Rapper
Tell Me Something I Don’t Know – Let’s Bottle Bohe mia
Sahara – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Chordo – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Kurti – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Desi hip-hop – Bohe mia
Goar nalo ishq matha – Bohe mia
Bhul Ja – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Kehde You Love Me – Twist And Shout
Kali Denali – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Sade Warga Koi Nahi – Bohe mia
Ajj kal de dunya – Bohe mia
You Can’t Fool Old Friends With Limousines – Let’s Bottle Bohemia
Sade Warga – Pesa Nasha Pyar
For Rilly Though – Pesa Nasha Pyar
Saturday Night – Let’s Bottle Bohemia
Nachiye-Pesa Nasha Pyar

List of Bohemia Songs- the Punjabi Rapper More Songs Coming Soon Till Then Enjoy This List and Give Your Valueable Feedback……

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