Easy, Healthy, Most Expensive Homemade Dark Chocolate Types

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Dark Chocolate popularly known as plain chocolate is known as the king of all the chocolates and its recipe is a untold secret. Their are many types of dark taza chocolates and comes in many brands and is healthy as compared to other chocolates. Dark chocolate is the most expensive chocolate. Varieties of desserts can be made by dark moser roth chocolate and swiss dark chocolates is the best dark chocolate in the world. Bournville is the most famous dark chocolate brands and its tagline “You have to earn a Bournville” says it all. Dark godiva chocolate is the most healthy dark chocolate. People who have craving for chocolate but never eat it keeping in mind the high calories thay may they have to burn after eating it, dark endangered species chocolate is the answer for those people. Many desserts taste the way they are because of little dark eating evolved chocolate. Chocolove XOXOX is the top 10 best dark chocolate in the world.

Most Expensive Dark Chocolate Brands

Easy, Healthy, Most Expensive Homemade Dark Chocolate Types

Green and dark blacks is the dark chocolove chocolate which is one of the most expensive dark chocolate, Valrhona Noir is the other famous chocolate. Dagoba chocolate is also one of the favourite of many Hollywood stars. Dark valrhona chocolates is not a secret it’s a fact. Scharffen Berger extra dark giddy yoyo chocolates is the chocolate loved by 50% people across globe. Monica Erkisene said that Extreme dark chocolate is her favourite dark vivani chocolates of all times. Endangered species bar offers various flavours which just tempts you to eat it. Dark Bacon bar also makes you forget everything else. Dark lindt chocolate tastes delicious when you eat it with oat meal and when it is mixed with frozen banana ice-cream it sounds heaven. Adding little dark theo chocolate to a muffin makes its taste something else.

Top 10 Best Homemade Dark Chocolate Brands in the World

Putting a little dark chocolate in cereal meal makes the breakfast worth it. Macroons with dark flavanols chocolate is another innovative recipe which brings water to every mouth. Some like to eat it with peanut butter. Some find it bitter but the real taste of chocolate is bitter and sweet. Now some healthy facts about dark sweetriot chocolate. It is an antioxidant powerhouse. It contains some vital minerals which may sound ironical. Dark chocolate keeps you happy and when in tension first thing which comes on the mind of lot of people is to have dark green & blacks chocolate as it eases your tension. Dark chocolate is good for your heart and it controls blood sugar level. Dark ghirardelli intense chocolate contains the obromine. Dark chocolates is high on vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Dark Chocolate Types

Healthy Swiss Dark Chocolate Types and Brands

Now lets know about the ingredients which makes dark milk chocolate the ultimate choice. Ingredients of dark chocolate are very simple to get as they are coco butter, cocoa powder and sugar but it takes effort to bring out the best with simplest of things one can imagine. In India dark cocoa chocolate is very popular as it is low on calorie and tasty. It is the choice of every healthy chocolate lover in India. When ever in crises make anything to eat with dark horse chocolate and you will forget about crises. They all are missing out an tasty option which is healthy but expensive, but is totally worth it. Some people are not even aware about dark chocolate.

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1 Chris June 7, 2015 at 12:50 pm

I can’t get past the bitter taste of dark chocolate and have simply resigned myself to accept the unhealthy aspects of milk chocolate. I must say though that you have completely ruined Green and Blacks for me.


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