Top 10 Ghantasala Songs List Telugu and Devotional

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Ghantasala Telugu Songs and Devotional Songs

Ghantasala Biography – Ghantasala is known for being a legendary singer who has produced some of the finest Indian classical music styles. He was born in the year 1922 on December 4th in Andhra Pradesh in Krishna district. His works became popular in the year 1924 and since then his musical journey has been inspiration for many young singers. His songs have been known to carry the perfect combination of classical music and the regional influence in it. He is known for producing some of the best Tamil songs ever. Ghantasala was a playback singer as well as a composer of Tamil and Telugu movies and is known for making the popular among a greater audience. He has also produced songs in Hindi as well as Malayalam.

Ghantasala Telugu Songs

His versatile singing capability that carried with it the regional touch of Indian culture is the major reason because of which he became so much popular. For a very long period of time, Ghantasala was recognized as the idol voice of Telugu movies. He was able to produce songs that were attractive and liked by a very large audience that included the young generation as well as those who had a love for classical music. He was also able to create music for as much as 100 movies that included movies from Tamil as well Hindi language. Some of his works are still appreciated and admired as legendary. Ghantasala was loved by many and his songs were able to move many people and made them feel comfortable with his music.

Best Ghantasala Devotional Songs List

His virtuosity of music makes him far different and better than many other singers of his era. Ghantasala was considered as a poet who was able to produce fine melodies that carried a feeling of joy, suffering and piety all together in his voice. The caliber of this singer was enormous and this showed in the various works that he id in his carrier. He in his lifetime had experienced various phases of life that made him feel for the various emotions that he was able to produce in his songs. The joy showed in his voice when he sung his melodious songs and the piety ones were sharp enough to get tears out of the toughest characters. Before Ghantasala died in the year 1974, he sang Bhagwad Gita that became highly popular and was appreciated by a huge audience and gave him a huge fan following.

Top 10 Ghantasala Songs List

  1. Rajashekara Neepai Moju
  2. Emanene Chinnari
  3. Challani Raja
  4. Raagamayee Raave
  5. Andame Aanandam
  6. Hai Hai ga Aamani Saage
  7. Kadu Suma Kala Kadu Suma
  8. Jagame Maaya
  9. Entha Ghatu Premayo
  10. Manasuna Mallela Maalaloogene

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