Hits of Top 10 New House Music Songs 2015 Track Playlists

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Greatest hits of new house music 2015 playlist contains some of very popular and good songs of house genres, enjoy this list of top house songs. House music is a different kind of music. This music was developed in the early 1980’s. It is a old kind of music which was invented initially in America. House music was developed at the basic house level in the old times to enjoy in get together where friends and family were all to enjoy. This music was developed by common people to enjoy which was initially not that perfect but nowadays even it has become perfect and popular.

Top New House Music Songs 2013 List

Top 10 House Music Songs 2015 List

The house music was majorly repetition of musical beats. It is the identity that makes it different from other types of music. Top 10 house music 2015 list free download by various paid or free sites.

  1. Owner Of A Lonely Heart – Criminal Vibes
  2. Music is the Key – J. M. Silk
  3. You Stole My Love – Rober Gaez
  4. French Kiss – Lil’ Louis & The World
  5. My Head Is A Jungle – Wankelmut, Emma Louise
  6. Dive in the Pool – Barry Harris
  7. Girls Out on the Floor – Jesse Velez
  8. Groove is in the Heart – Deee-Lite
  9. Bird in a Guilded Cage – Jungle Wonz
  10. Bring Down the Walls – Robert Owens

Best House Music Songs Of 2015

  • Promesses by Tchami feat. Kaleem Taylor
  • Make Me Feel Better by Alex Adair
  • Teach Me by Bakermat
  • Wish You Were Mine by Philip George
  • Outlines by Mike Mango and Dragonette
  • The Girl Is Mine (Beyonce vs Brandy & Monica) by 99 Souls

Chicago was the first city where this music was developed and then it spread to other cities like new York, Toronto, London, Miami and others. House music was identified as repeated beats of musical instruments. Mainly the musical instrument used was drum. Drum is a instrument which is easy to use and gives out a great sound. The drum sounds are very good and can make anyone to dance on its beats.

Top New House Music 2015 Playlists

It is said that ‘old is gold’ and is true that though many new songs are available but the house music is still very popular. Top house songs 2015 playlist ……

  • Understand This Groove – Sound Factory
  • Can’t Get Enough – Soul Searcher
  • The Real Life – Corporation of One
  • Pump Up The Volume – Jock Jams
  • A Girl Like Me – Mason
  • Music Sounds Better with You – Stardust
  • Don’t Call Me Baby – Madison Avenue
  • You Can’t Hide from Your Bud – DJ Sneak
  • Sinner Winner – Felix Da Housecat
  • Children of the Night – Kevin Irving
  • Mystery of Love – Fingers Inc.
  • That’s the Way Love is – Ten City
  • Love Don’t Let Me Go – David Guetta
  • I’ve Been Thinking About You – Londonbeat
  • Let Me Love You for Tonight – Kariya
  • I Feel for You – Bob Sinclair
  • I’ll House You – The Jungle Brothers
  • Move Your Body – Marshall Jefferson
  • Push the Feeling On – The Nightcrawlers
  • If You Should Need a Friend – Blaze
  • Nothing But A Party – DJ Dan, Lookback
  • Touch Me (All Night Long) – Cathy Dennis
  • You Don’t Know – Serious Intention
  • You’re the Worst Thing for Me – Pusaka
  • Can You Feel It – Mr. Fingers
  • The Time Of The Organ – Joe Scimo
  • Around the World – Daft Punk
  • Pump Up the Jam – Technotronic feat. Felly
  • Don’t Give A Damn – Mike Vale, Stella Mercury
  • Love Can’t Turn Around – Farley Funk
  • Most Precious Love – Blaze
  • Love and Happiness – River Ocean feat. India

House music started from house but got popular to disco’s also. The first house music song was the ‘House Nation’ by house master boyz. This become very popular and also caused many other groups to come up with the different new songs of this type. The main ingredient of the house music is kick drum beat. Latest house music is the fusion of different beats. It has become a popular genre. Now from the early 80’s it is converted into pop style and various singers like Madonna and Janet Jackson have adopted this kind of style for their songs. Now even in other countries like India the house music has become very popular.

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