How to Make Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe, Types and Brands

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How to Make Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot chocolate is a hot beverage which consists of melted chocolate. Hot chocolates became popular in Europe only after being introduced in Mexico. Ingredients of hot chocolates are chocolate, cocoa powder, milk, water and sugar. Homemade hot chocolate is the best hot chocolates and is very easy to make and have a delightful morning and evening. Hot chocolates is mostly preferred in winter season. There are variety of hot chocolate starting from Mexican hot chocolate to Spanish hot chocolates which is classic European hot chocolates. Chocolate chaud is a French hot chocolates made with milk and water. El submarine is the famous hot chocolates from argentina. Brown sugar hot chocolate is made with unsweetened chocolate and brown sugar. Made with heavy cream and lot of milk Parisian hot chocolates is one of the most famous hot chocolates. Special hot chocolates is prepared in a blender eliminating constant stiring.

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot Chocolate Types and Brands

Old fashioned hot chocolates is the traditional hot chocolate recipe. Campfire hot chocolates is the best for camping trips. White hot chocolates is made with the help of vanilla extract and tastes absolutely brilliant and gives a refreshing taste in winters. Swiss miss is a brand for cocoa powder and pudding and its speciality is that no sugar is added in the most famous Swiss miss hot chocolate and it contains fifteen vitamins and some minerals and contains caffine and is sold by American based company ConAgra foods.Inc. Hot chocolates mix is the favourite of college going youth. Nutella is the most famous hot chocolate brands in Europe as well as Asia. Land of Lakes is another popular hot chocolates brand.

Godiva hot chocolate is to die for as it is a very rich brand as its taste is just awesome. Stephens hot chocolates is not very hyped cause it needs no publicity. Cinnamon hot chocolates has a unique taste and flavour and is loved by everyone worldwide. Bonjour hot chocolates is the best hot chocolates maker. Sofie likes to have hot chocolates in the morning and loves chocolate shavings. Hot chocolates with whole chocolate contains 218 grams of calories. Hot chocolates with reduced low fat milk contains 215 grams of calories.

Most Expensive Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate

Regular hot chocolates contains 192 grams of calories and 8.80 grams of protein. Presidents hot chocolates is the chocolate drink served in White House. Parisan hot chocolates is like French chocolate chaud. Decadent hot chocolates is the most unique hot chocolate as it gives texture of two types of chocolate. Hot chocolates is loved by everyone starting from a toddler to a grown up. It is very easy to make it and when you have a book in hand with some hot chocolates then you need nothing on a cold night in the month of December. Swiss miss hot chocolates is one of the most expensive hot chocolates in the world. After trying different types of hot chocolate, Mendy is in love with hot chocolate like many of the A-stars actors do. White hot chocolate is the favourite of bollywood actor Katrina Kaif.

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