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Salsa songs today have established themselves all over the world as the best music to express the love and compassion you hold for someone special. Bollywood has not only adopted this international dance style with open arms but today salsa is known in every nook and cranny of the nation that recognizes dance. Reality dance shows that have suddenly sprouted up like mushrooms in India, have also given a big boost to this dance style. Today, people take special training in Salsa because of its involvement of a partner and its huge acceptance in the nation. Salsa is a Cuban word that means sauce in Spanish language. Salsa is originated from the land of Cuba as their most popular dance style but it gained its international name and fame outside the nation.

Top Salsa Songs 2015 ListNuyorican was the first known salsa band of the band that is also listed in the pioneers of Salsa music. Since the foundation of salsa songs were laid till date, salsa has fused with a lot of other cultures and hence reflects them in the use of instruments and lyrics. In the initial years of its growth, a controversy grew over its origin where various music analysts were not ready to accept Salsa as a different music genre. For them, the financial condition of the nation has forced it to market the same music they had been playing since years through a different packaging.

List of Top Latin Salsa Songs 2015

Here are the List of latest Top 10 Salsa Songs that celebrate dancing in love.

  • Vivir Lo Nuestro – Marc Antony A Duo Con India
  • Either You Have It Or You Don’t – Charlie Palmieri
  • Best Wishes for the New Year – Socrates
  • The Spanish Harlem Orchestra – Te Cantare
  • Welcome to the Party – Har You Percussion Group
  • La Cartera – Larry Harlow Orchestra
  • Las Guanabanas – Pa la disco – Latest Salsa Songs
  • It’s a Man’s World – Ray Santiago
  • Pa Bravo Yo – Justo Betancourt – Best Salsa Songs
  • Richie Rey Y Bobby Cruz – Yo Soy La Salsa
  • Anacaona – Fania All Stars & Cheo Feliciano
  • La Sonora Carruseles – Al Son de Los Cueros
  • Que No Pare La Rumba – Sonora Carruseles
  • Yo Soy La Zarza – Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz
  • Adalberto Alvarez – Deja La Mala Noche
  • Solo he Vivido – Corporación Latina
  • Que Salga El Sol Por Donde Qui – El Arrebato
  • Se Me Ha Cansado El Alma – Yoskar Sarente
  • Amor Perfecto – El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico

List of Salsa Songs

  • Que Le Den Candela – Celia Cruz
  • Pochy Y Su Coco Band – Salsa Con Coco
  • La Noche Más Linda – Adalberto Santiago
  • Gilberto Santa Rosa – Ensename A Vivir Sin Ti
  • No Tengo Suerte En El Amor – Yoskar Sarante
  • Cierra Los Ojos – Baby Rasta y Gringo
  • La Rueda – Orquesta La Solución & Frankie Ruiz
  • Tú No Sabes Querer – Lalo Rodriguez & Willie Rosario
  • El Cuarto De Tula – Buena Vista Social Club
  • Ray Barretto Con Celia y Adalberto – Nadia Se Salva de la Rumba
  • Juguete De Nadie – Puertorican Power
  • Hachero Pa’ un Palo – Sonora Ponceña
  • Se Te Pone La Cabeza Mala – Los Van Van
  • Lo Que Paso Paso – Daddy Yankee – Popular Salsa Songs
  • Juguete de nadie – Puerto Rican Power
  • La tanguita Roja – Oro solido – New Salsa Songs
  • La Salsa Trago Yo – La Sonora Carruseles
  • Pedro Navaja – Willie Colón & Rubén Blades
  • Jose Alberto El Canario- La Paella – Salsa Dance Songs
  • Manolito y Su Trabujo – Locos Para Mi Habana
  • Monchi y Alexandra – No Puedo Vivir Asi

The lyrics of the salsa songs range widely from the themes of love, lust, romance, jealousy to environment protection and political awareness. Bongo and Congo are the most fundamental music instruments in Salsa. Other than the two, we have string charanga that is some traditional instrument encompassing few more instruments under it. Today, one could find music genres like African salsa songs, Cuban salsa songs, etc that have grown out of the basic music.

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