List of Manna Dey Songs Top 10 Hits All Time

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Manna Dey Songs List

Manna Dey was born in 1919 on 1st May to Purna Chandra. Manna Dey is recognized as a popular playback singer who sung various traditional songs that had the touch of Indian music and culture. He sung large number of songs and brought forth the essence of traditional Indian voice. The carrier of Manna Dey was inspired by his parents as well as his uncle who himself was a music teacher. In his childhood Manna Dey received musical education from his uncle and started to love music. He always wanted to have a carrier in music industry which he succeeded in getting.  He graduated from Vidyasagar College where he used to participate in various musical completions that took place at the college level.  In college he received the first prize every year for best singing in college event and hence gained popularity among the local media. Not only in college but also in school days, he used to sing before his classmates. At that moment he used to sing to just to entertain them, but he was destined to entertain various generations that were to follow him.

Manna Dey Songs

Manna Dey Hindi Songs

With Krishna Chandra, Manna Dey visited Bombay for the first time in 1942. This was his first visit to the film industry where he had planned to make his mark. There he worked as an assistant to Krishna Channa and then worked as an as assistant to SD Burman. This was followed by his assistance to various other music composers. Later on he started to work separately as an independent composer. He then gave music to various Indian movies but also during this time period, Manna Dey kept having singing lessons from Aman Ali and Rahman khan. Dey always wanted to sing and have a carrier in singing. His dream came true in the year 1943 in a movie named Tamanna, where Krishna Chandra gave music and gave Manna Dey his first break. This song was a duet sung with Suraiya and became a hit instantly giving him huge fan following and loads of work. He then sang various other songs for other composers which included songs composed by SD burman. Manna Dey then sang various songs with singers such as Mohd Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar, all of which were huge hits. Dey singing was always unique and he had a sense of joy in his voice which makes his songs highly appreciated by a huge audience. Here provided you latest list of Manna Dey hindi songs top 10 hits.

List of Manna Dey Top 10 Songs all time

1  Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi
2  Ek Chatur Naar Karke Sringar
3  Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli
4  Laga Chunari Mein Daag Chhupaun Kaise
5  Kasmen Wade Pyar Wafa
6  Aye Meri Zohra Jabeen
7  Yari Hai Imaan Mera
8  Aye Bhai Zara Dekh Ke Chalo
9  Mere Angne Mein
10 Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hai

Manna Dey used to sing songs that were unique and had the taste of full Indian classical singing. A traditional Indian wedding will always seem perfect with these list of manna dey songs and will get you in the perfect mood. For getting these songs you will just need to keep yourself updated with the updates. There are few Manna Dey top 10 songs that are displayed here but there are many more such fabulous songs by him that are perfect for the wedding day.

Best of Manna Dey Bengali Songs

A traditional Indian wedding is incomplete with perfect traditional Indian songs. All these songs by Manna Dey are perfect in this regard and should be played at the wedding day to get all the attendees of the event in a happy mood.

Prithibi Prasna Kare
Emon Bandhu Aar Ke Aache
Ja Khushi Ora Bale Baluk
Phool Pakhi Bandhu Amar Chhilo
Kothao Raatri Kothao Je Din
Matir Prithibi Marichika Maymoy
Aami Jamini Tumi Soshi He
Ami Kemon Kare Raibo Ghare
Lal Paguri Bendhe Mathe
Katodin Pare Je Holo Dekha
Dekhoni Ki Pathareo Phote Phul
Anek To Din Kete Gelo

There are many songs of Manna Dey that are perfect for being played at the wedding day so keep yourself updated with the recent updates on the list. Here we provided some of very best list of Manna Dey bengali songs, you will just need to keep coming back for the various songs that can be played at the wedding. The various Manna Dey songs are known for being idol for the wedding and are loved by people of all generation. So just be updated with the Manna Dey popular songs that are all time greatest hits.

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