Nutrition Facts, Nutritional Information and Nutritious Food

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Types and Definition of Nutrition

Nutrition is the basic nutrients which are required by the body for its smooth and proper functioning. A huge population of people suffers for lack of proper nutrition and face serious health conditions. Nutrition is nothing but the supply of food materials required by the body cells and organs to stay active and alive. In scientific term it is the process of consumption and utilization of food. Nutritional science is in to the study of reacting of body towards nutritional food taken. It is the metabolic and physiological response of body to the taken diet by a human being. Nutrient studies also focus on the quality of the diet in order to protect and prevent unwanted diseases and health conditions.

Nutrition Facts and Nutritious Food

Nutrition Facts, Nutritional Information and Nutritious Food

Nutrition and Fitness: The study researches on how different diseases are caused because of lack of nutritious food and nutritional facts in daily life. The major source of nutritious food is fruits and vegetables which contains minerals and vitamins in high quantity. It is more advisable to take more fruits and vegetables in every day diet instead of taking supplements and pills for nutrition.

Nutrition Facts and Nutritious Food

Let’s check out some of the nutritious food which is good for our health:

  • Brown Rice: containing sufficient amount of calories, fiber and protein.
  • Whole Wheat Pasta: Contains high quality protein, fiber and calorie.
  • Whole Wheat Bread: Two slices of whole bread contains 120 calories along with six gram of protein and three grams of fiber.
  • Yogurt: It is a great source of protein, fiber and calorie
  • Vegetables: Green vegetables, sprouts, carrots, Onion, garlic, potato are some of the important vegetables which provide high nutrition to body.
  • Fruits: Apples, oranges, pineapple, mango, banana are some of the fruits having high value of nutrition.
  • Dry Fruits: Cash nuts, almonds, raisins and walnuts are good source of nutrients.
  • Fats: Fats with Nutrients are pumpkin oil, hemp oil and olive oil.

Diet and Nutrition Facts, Health and Fitness

Some researches in the field of science states that it was found that some specific fruits and vegetables work for preventing some specific categories of cancer. For possessing the best health and nutrition add more and more nutrients in your diet and get a glowing and radiant health and weight. Benefits of nutrients are huge and besides a good health it helps our full body to operate properly. Over above it enhances our self confidence to a higher level, making us more active and energetic. It takes care of our heart, bone and energy. Intake of Nutrition in required amount on daily basis helps to lead a health life.

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