Old Hindi Songs of Bhupen Hazarika – Top 10 Bollywood Hits – Bengali & Assamese Songs

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Top 10 Bhupen Hazarika Songs List Bollywood Old Hits

Bhupen Hazarika was born in 1926 on 8th of September. Bhupen was from a simple family and his father used to work in Sivasagar. He was one among his ten siblings and was the eldest. Bhupen mother had a love for music and was the major influence in his carrier and liking for music. When his father moved to other locations in Guwahati, Bhupen Hazarika kept on learning Indian traditional music from her mother. When his moved to Tezpur Bhupen caught attention of Jyoti Prasad Agarwal at an award function where Bhupen performed. Bhupen sang a song taught by his mother, which was so beautifully sung by him that it became popular then and there. Bhupen Hazarika always wanted to become a successful singer.

Bhupen Hazarika Old Hindi Songs

His dedication to music showed his talent and capability. It was in the year 1936 when Bhupen Hazarika recorded his first song at Aurora studio. Here the success story of Bhupen in the field of Indian classical music started. His early education took place in Guwahati and his intermediated arts was completed from Cotton College. For a small time period Bhupen Hazarika also worked in radio and delivered his services with full devotion. But the major interest had always been in music. He then became a teacher at the Guwahati University and was elected as the president of Asam Sabha in the year 1993. Bhupen Hazarika had worked a lot in different fields in his entire carrier and his love for music was a strong force that motivated him to continue his hard work for his destiny.

Top 10 Bhupen Hazarika Assamese Songs List

  1. Bistirno Parore
  2. Ganga Mor Maa
  3. Snehe Aamar Xoto Shrabonor
  4. Moi Eti Jajabor
  5. Aahin Mahia
  6. Manuhe Manuhor Babey
  7. Buku Hom Hom Kore
  8. Gupute Gupute Kimaan Khelim
  9. Bimurto Mur Nixati Jen
  10. Aah Aah Olai Aah

In the year 1970 he was able to meet Kalpana Lajmi who made a movie named Ek pal. He was always known for being a baritone singer who had a different clarity of speech in his voice. He was also known for being a poetic composer who was social and romantic in his personal lifestyle. He was als known for being a versatile singer who composed some of the finest melodies of the industry. The popularity of Bhupen Hazarika was high in his times and he proved as an idol for all those who had a love for the Indian classical music.

Best Bhupen Hazarika Hindi Songs List

  • Dil Hoom Hoom Kare
  • Yeh Kis Ki Sada Hai
  • Maula O Maula
  • Zara Dheere Zara Dheeme
  • Main Aur Mera Saya
  • Dola Ho Dola
  • Poole Dana Dana
  • Gum Sum
  • Nila Nila Aasman
  • O Ganga Behti Ho Kyon
  • Kitne Hi Sagar
  • Samay O Dhire Chalo
  • Gaja Gamini
  • Main To Sang Jaaun Banwas with Lata Mangeshkar

In his lifetime Bhupen Hazarika met many and inspired them to follow his footsteps to achieve their dream. He was also honored with a Padma shiri for his enormous effort to enhance and create motivational classical Indian music that is liked by all. Bhupen Hazarika had worked in the field of music for a long time and was able to create songs that were inspirational and lovable for a huge group.

Popular Bhupen Hazarika Bengali Songs List

  • Ami Ek Jajabar
  • Ki Je Chhonde Hoye Bandi
  • O Papiya Ki Shonali
  • Ei Boishakh Jwalanto Arun
  • Mangal Hok Ei Shotoke
  • Dimir Dimir Tana Nana
  • Dipto Mashaler
  • Ami Jhar Ene Debo
  • Rang Nebe Ke Kine

Bhupen Hazarika Albums

  • Rudaali (1993)
  • Aarop (1973)
  • Maachis/Rudaali (2006)

A large crowd loved his songs and at the time of the wedding these popular hits songs are extremely liked. If you are searching for good songs, then Bhupen Hazarika songs can prove extremely good for the wedding day. The wedding day will change to a different mood with the various Bhupen Hazarika songs all of which are inspirational and motivating for a huge crowd. The various bollywood songs by Bhupen Hazarika are liked by all age group hence you should keep yourself updated with the various songs that can be sung by him. Most of the popular songs are displayed here but to get all you need to keep visiting the site regularly. Just keep returning to the site for getting updates and the top 10 list of old hindi songs by Bhupen Hazarika that will make sure that the attendees at the wedding day are having a good time and people of all age group are able to enjoy the essence of Indian classical music.

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