Pregnancy – A Journey to Motherhood Signs and Symptoms

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Pregnancy – A journey to motherhood

Scientifically by pregnancy we mean fertilization and development of embryo or fetus in the Uterus of women. Multiple gestations can take place in the pregnancy resulting in twins and triplets. 38 weeks after gestation the child is born for women with 4 week menstrual cycle. The pregnancy of a woman is divided into three parts: First Trimester is of more risk and chances of miscarriage are more during this period. The second trimester is the period in which the development of the fetus can be monitored. The last and third trimester is the point where the fetus gets the power to survive without any medical support.

Early Pregnancy SignsThere are various symptoms by which you can guess that you are pregnant. Primarily after few days of conception the egg which got fertilized gets attached to the uterine wall which may cause some amount of spotting and Cramping and be a sign of early pregnancy. Less number of women can understand this as a sign of pregnancy and accept it as normal periodic bleeding.

Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Home Pregnancy Test: In case you want to check whether you are pregnant or not, you can purchase a home pregnancy kit easily available in market and test it. Immediate reading will be given about your pregnancy status.
Implantation Bleeding: Spotting or cramping can take place when the fertilized get implanted in uterine wall.
Change in Basal Body Temperature: Make a chart of 18 days about the trend of body temperature; if it is high for the whole period then chances are there that you are pregnant.
Missed Period: If your period is regular and always in time then the time you miss for the current month can be an indication of your pregnancy.
Swollen and Tender Breast: A very early sign of pregnancy is a swollen and tender breast. It happens because of rising level of hormone in the body.
Nausea or Vomiting: In some women this symptom is visible about a month after getting pregnant and for other it may start sometimes before. It has no fixed time to happen, it can be morning, noon and even evening to vomit.
Disliking of Odor: In early pregnancy stage you develop a nature of not liking anything. It creates uneasiness in you. You start not liking the odor of various things like tea, milk, fish, rice and many other things. This happens because of the increasing amount of estrogen in the body.
Increase in Urination: Due to hormonal changes in the body the blood flow in the kidney increases, resulting in filling the bladder more quickly than before. This prompts you to urinate frequently.
Bloating of Abdomen: Your abdomen gets bloated because of hormonal change. This is visualized mostly in the waistline, making your dresses tight over there.
Feeling of Tiredness: Very often you start feeling fatigue without any reason and your sleepiness will increase because of the increased level of progesterone hormone in body.

Some of the Early Sign and Symptoms of Pregnancy

The above points are some of the reason of pregnancy and its symptoms. If you are having any such symptom then probably you are expecting your new member in family. Visit your doctor to get the same confirmed. If that ( Pregnancy ) comes positive then we are there to congratulate you for starting your journey to motherhood.

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