Top 10 Kesha Songs List 2017 – Upcoming New Album Lip$ha (2017)

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Kesha Rose Sebert a great American singer and song-writer as well as an amazing rapper was born in Los Angeles, on March 1, 1987. Her mother struggled to bring her up as their financial condition was not strong. Also the girl is unaware of her father’s identity. In her childhood she use play many instruments like saxophone, trumpet etc. and her love for music kept on growing with each day. She signed with various companies and initially she considered herself more of a song writer. So she wrote many songs for several people. Apart from the talent of writing songs, she has an incredible voice, through which she has quite a huge number of fans. The girl known for her determination and a die-hard love for music has won quite a million hearts and the journey for her still continues. Her role model is her mother and Kesha when released her debut, she says that she could take her mother out for dinner, and that was the most proud moment for her.

Top 10 Kesha Songs 2015In many of her interviews she told that her mother use to keep motivating her and kept asking her to practice music, more and more. Today it’s because of the hard work of Ke$ha that she has scaled such great heights of success. Kesha is known for pop, hip-hop, electro-pop and rock music. Her career began in 2005, when she came many famous songs which became the humming tune for many. She has also sung background vocals for many great legendary music artists.

Top 10 Kesha Songs of All Time

  • True Colors with Zedd (2016)
  • Die Young (2012)
  • Thinking of You (2012)
  • Tik Tok (2009)
  • We R Who We R (2010)
  • Blah Blah Blah feat. 3OH!3 (2010)
  • Take It Off (2010)
  • Your Love Is My Drug (2010)
  • Kiss N Tell (2010)
  • Supernatural (2012)
  • Crazy Kids feat. Juicy J or (2013)

She has worked with many famous writers and producers. Kesha has also been featured in videos of many great singers. In January 2010 she released her first album Animal. It was a huge success and everybody loved the tracks in the album which were re-written by the lady. The album started ruling the charts and became one of the favourite for several people across the world. In 2012 she started writing songs for her second album. She has bagged many awards and has been nominated for several others.

List of Best Kesha Songs

  • Timber with Pitbull (2013)
  • Crazy Beautiful Life (2010)
  • Fuck Him He’s a DJ (2011)
  • Animal (2010)
  • Blow (2011)
  • My First Kiss with 3OH!3 (2010)
  • Cannibal (2010)
  • C’Mon (2013)
  • Dirty Picture with Taio Cruz (2010)
  • Grow a Pear (2010)
  • Right Round with Flo Rida (2009)
  • Warrior (2012)
  • Sleazy (2010)

The leading singer is completely against animal cruelty and has been made the global ambassador of humane society of animals. Kesha stands firmly against cosmetic testing on animals. She has done many tours across countries and has given thrilling stage performances, mesmerizing the crowd by her fantastic and soothing voice.Kesha Album Songs ListThe above list of Kesha songs when played in weddings gives a completely different experience to the people who are a part of the wedding for the absolutely rocking songs of Kesha new album songs 2017 adds a tinge of fun to the environment making everybody enjoy the atmosphere even more. One has to remain updated with all the recent addition to the list of hip-hop, pop or any kind of song for the weddings of your closed one.

Kesha New Album 2017

  • Lip$ha with The Flaming Lips (2017)
  • True Colors with Zedd (2015)
  • Deconstructed (2013)
  • Warrior (2012)
  • Cannibal (2010)
  • Animal (2010)

Kesha Tours

  • Kesha and the Creepies (2016)
  • Warrior Tour (2013 – 2015)
  • North American Tour (with Pitbull) (2013)
  • Get Sleazy Tour (2011)
  • Last Girl on Earth Tour (2010)

Weddings are not just the time for the bride and groom, but also for the entire family to meet and spend some quality time together, in such a scenario, Kesha new songs 2017 list come as a gift for they make the atmosphere thrilling and worth enjoying to the fullest. There are many songs available in the list which constantly keeps changing by addition of the hits songs. So just stay tune with the all the latest songs being included. So whatever changes are made to the list of the top wedding songs, one has to be fully aware and in touch with the latest and the few very memorable wedding songs of Ke$ha albums. For an enjoyable experience, keep yourself tune to all the songs in the list of Kesha.

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