Top 10 Most Hated Worst Cities in the World for Crime

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Top 10 Worst Cities in the World

As we should know about the best cities in the world, same way we should know which the worst cities in the world are. The following are the Worst Cities to live in:

  1. Tehran
  2. Nairobi
  3. Lusaka
  4. Phnom Penh
  5. Karachi
  6. Dakar
  7. Abidjan
  8. Dhaka
  9. Lagos
  10. Harare

Top 10 Worst Cities in the World

Worst Cities for Crime

We also ought to know which the Worst Cities for Crime are.

  • Cape Town – South Africa: Cape Town, South Africa, suffers from high-crime rates, partially due to separation of wealth and dangerous sections of the city. It has high rates of all sorts of crimes including murder, rape, robbery and kidnapping.
  • Guatemala City – Guatemala: There are various problems with drug dealers, gang warfare and high murder rates. There is a lack of efficient law enforcement.
  • Bogota – Columbia: This city is affected by drug crimes and political upheaval. Many people possess weapons and the city is surrounded by firearms.
  • Baghdad – Iraq: Problems have escalated in Baghdad since American troops have occupied it in 2003.

Top 10 Most Hated Worst Cities in the World

Following is the list of the Top 10 Worst Cities or the most hated cities:

  1. Tijuana – Mexico: Tijuana’s annual tourism numbers have plummeted by as much as 90 percent in less than 10 years, and other research estimates that visitor-related revenue has declined by almost as much over a similar period.
  2. Sydney & Melbourne – Australia: They are so hated because their nature is full of hypocrisy as they always criticize each other but instead they are exactly the same.
  3. Paris – France: The city is overhyped and the rude, know-it-all waiters don’t help either.
  4. Timbuktu – Mali: Timbuktu is nearly half-a-millennium past its golden years and largely surviving on the travel industry’s most dubious selling point: being so ridiculously remote and unspectacular that even the dictionary references it as “any extremely distant place.”
  5. Los Angeles – United States: It continuously suffers from earthquakes, race riots, traffic pileups, smog reports, constant sirens and the irksome sense that people who live here are okay with all of that because the weather’s nicer than wherever they moved from.
  6. Lima – Peru: Continuously described as “not that boring”, this city just isn’t good enough.
  7. Jakarta – Indonesia: It is a very taxing city from a traveler’s perspective, full of surprises and awaiting difficulties.
  8. New Delhi – India: This is a city full of on-going scams and you can’t avoid it. Not to mention the traffic, the streets make New York a piece of cake!
  9. Cairo – Egypt: This city suffers from crippling air pollution, overpopulation, ridiculous traffic, maniacal driving and post-revolution stress.
  10. Belize City – Belize: Crime, dilapidation, drugs, welcoming committees of bored, desperate touts and a vibe that screams avoid being out after dark and wait for your real itinerary to begin.

Most Hated Worst Cities for Crime

Top 10 Worst Dressed Cities in the World

As fashion is an integral part of our lives, next we have the list of Worst Dressed Cities:

  1. Beijing
  2. Bucharest
  3. Dublin
  4. Hamilton Ontario
  5. Helsinski
  6. Manchester
  7. Maui
  8. Ottawa
  9. Reykjavik
  10. Sydney

So there you have it, some lists of worst cities you should probably avoid.

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