Upcoming Release of Morgan Freeman New Movies 2013-2014 Top List Hits

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Morgan Freeman Upcoming New Release in 2013 -2014 Movies List

Morgan Freeman is an actor narrator and film director of America. He was nominated for Academy award for many films like Driving Daisy, Street Smart, invictus and Shawshank Redemption. He did also win the same prize for the movie Million-Dollar baby. A Golden and a Screen Guild Award was also being won by him. Mississippi’s Charleston has been the home city of Morgan Freeman. He owns a club named Ground Zero and a dining restaurant Madidi. He had also faced serious car accidents many times. Jeanette Adair is the wife of Morgan Freeman since 1967 till 1979. He married to Myrna Colley-Lee in 1984. The couple separated again in 2007. His maternal great-great-grandfather were belongs to North Carolina.

Morgan Freeman Upcoming New Movies in 2013-2014 List

Upcoming Release of Morgan Freeman New Movies in 2013 – 2014 List

Latest releases of Morgan Freeman new movies in 2013 Oblivion (2013) and Olympus Has Fallen (2013) and Morgan Freeman upcoming movies in 2013 & 2014 is Now You See Me (2013), Last Vegas (2013), The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (2014), The Lego Movie (2014) and many more. Stay tune for latest updates!

Oblivion (2013) – Malcolm Beech
Olympus Has Fallen (2013) – Speaker Allan Trumbull
Now You See Me (2013) – Thaddeus Bradley (post-production)
Last Vegas (2013) – Archie (in production)
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (2014) – Zachariah (in production)
The Lego Movie (2014) – Vitruvius (Voice) (in production)
The Last Knights (2013) – Bartok (in production)
Transcendence (2014) – (in production)

Top Hits of Morgan Freeman all Movies List

Here we provide you complete list of Morgan Freeman movies of all time including his top 10 greatest hits.

The Magic of Belle Isle (2012) – Monte Wildhorn
The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – Lucius Fox
Breaking the Taboo (2011) – Narrator
Born to Be Wild (2011) – Narrator
Dolphin Tale (2011) – Dr. Cameron McCarthy
Conan the Barbarian (2011) – Narrator
RED (2010) – Joe
The Maiden Heist (2009) – Charlie
Prom Night in Mississippi (2009) – Himself
Invictus (2009) – Nelson Mandela
Thick as Thieves (2009) – Keith Ripley
The Dark Knight (2008) – Lucius Fox
The Love Guru (2008) – Narrator (Voice)
Wanted (2008) – Sloan
Gone, Baby, Gone (2007) – Jack Doyle
Evan Almighty (2007) – God
The Bucket List (2007) – Carter Chambers also Narrator
Feast of Love (2007) – Harry Stephenson
Lucky Number Slevin (2006) – The Boss
Edison Force (2006) – Ashford
10 Items or Less (2006) – Morgan Freeman
The Contract (2006) – Frank Carden
March of the Penguins (2005) – Narrator
An Unfinished Life (2005) – Mitch Bradley
Batman Begins (2005) – Lucius Fox
War of the Worlds (2005) – Narrator
Unleashed (2005) – Sam

He was awarded the first MississippiBest Awards in Mississippi in 2006. The award was a lifetime achievement award for his on or off screen work. He has also received Art doctor’s degree in 2006 from Delta University during school’s commencement exercise. A Test of his DNA shows that he is a descendent of the peoples from Niger. The Magic Belle Isleis Morgan Freeman new movie.Electric company was the first show through which he becomes popular among American media. Then in 1980 he began doing a prominent role in many of his films. Danny DeVito is one of the latest and ongoing projects taken by him.

List of Morgan Freeman Movies Till 2013

The Hunting of the President (2004) – Narrator
The Big Bounce (2004) – Walter Crewes
Million Dollar Baby (2004) – Eddie “Scrap Iron” Dupris
Levity (2003) – Pastor Miles Evans
Bruce Almighty (2003) – God
Guilty by Association (2003) – Lt. Redding
Dreamcatcher (2003) – Col. Abraham Curtis
The Sum of All Fears (2002) – DCI William Cabot
High Crimes (2002) – Charlie Grimes
Along Came a Spider (2001) – Dr. Alex Cross
Nurse Betty (2000) – Charlie Quinn
Under Suspicion (2000) – Victor Benezet
Deep Impact(1998) – President Tom Beck
Hard Rain (1998) – Jim – Morgan Freeman
Kiss the Girls (1997) – Dr. Alex Cross
Amistad (1997) – Theodore Joadson
The Long Way Home (1997) – Narrator
Moll Flanders (1996) – Hibble
Chain Reaction (1996) – Paul Shannon
Cosmic Voyage (1996) – Narrator
Outbreak (1995) – Brig. Gen. Billy Ford
Se7en (1995) – Detective Lt. William Somerset
The Shawshank Redemption (1994) – Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding, Narrator
Unforgiven (1992) – Ned Logan
The Power of One (1992) – Geel Piet
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) – Azeem
The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990) – Judge Leonard White
The Civil War (1990) – Frederick Douglass (Voice)
Lean on Me (1989) – Principal Joe Clark
Glory (1989) – Sgt. Maj. John Rawlins
Johnny Handsome (1989) – Lt. A.Z. Drones
Driving Miss Daisy (1989) – Hoke Colburn
Clean and Sober (1988) – Craig
Street Smart (1987) – Fast Black
That Was Then… This Is Now (1985) – Charlie Woods
Marie (1985) – Charles Traughber
Teachers (1984) – Al Lewis
Harry & Son (1984) – Siemanowski
Eyewitness (1981) – Lieutenant Black
Brubaker (1980) – Walter

He was also appeard in many box office hit films like Glory, Unforgiven, Seven, and The Sum All fears, Deep Impact, Bruce Almighty, March of Penguins, Wanted, Bucket List and Red. Batman Begins is Morgan Freeman best movie. He has been an excellently smart filmmaker. He did it with a quality heroic style. He wore a twinkle in his eye during the movie. Wanted, Dark knight, Seven and Unforgiven has been Morgan Freeman top movies.

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