Weight Loss Tips, Diet and Exercises

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Weight Loss Tips, Diet and Exercises

How to Lose Weight Fast :- In medical terms by weight loss we mean the reduction in total body mass. Weight loss can happen because of two reason, serious health issues or intentional effort for reducing extra body mass from body. Losing weight is nothing but the burning of extra calorie that we eat. The concept looks very simple although it is not in reality. Many of us prefer to use pills and short cut diets along with the use of fitness gadgets, promising better result than any other natural method. But the problem arises when after weight loss you stop this regime and again get back to square one with huge weight.

Weight Loss Tips

To get long lasting success in weight loss, forget about following short cut route to success and follow the regime for long lasting result with advice of a medical practitioner.

The causes of heavy weight can be different like:

  • Heavy weight or obesity occurs due to occurrence of certain diseases hypothyroidism, Thyroid and poly cystic ovarian disease.
  • Obesity due to Genetics causes happen when obesity is the trend of the family.
  • Obesity due to Psychological problem is a very common trend in today’s fast world. People suffering from depression, anxiety, over
  • stress and easy availability of tasty and fat rich food are the main source of Psychological problem leading to obesity or weight gain.
  • Use of Drugs like antidepressants and corticosteroids are commonly advised by the doctors these days became one of the major reason for weight gain.
  • Environmental factors leading to obesity is very common these days. Because of intake of low cost fatty food the weight gain is increasing at a huge level.

Suggestion for Weight Loss :-

  • Take healthy diet of right food, in correct time. Suggest not to take heavy meal any time of the day, rather opt to take 4-5 small meal instead of heavy meals of 3 times. Let’s provide some more suggestion –
  • Avoid skipping your meal and you need to balance the calorie intake all through the day to maintain glucose level in blood.
  • Inclusion of salads and soups before meal will protect you from excess intake of meal.
  • Need to stop eating even before your stomach is full, to protect you from getting overeaten.
  • Keep yourself away from stress and avoid overeating out of stress. Better select yoga and meditation to get rid of stress.
  • Add more vegetable in your meal and avoid taking packaged food.
  • Regular exercise will keep you fit and reduce the calorie in your body.
  • Choose stairs over lift as it is nothing better than a good exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water as it will help you shedding carbohydrate from body.

Follow the above health tips and make weight loss, Shredding of extra fat from body will give you a healthy and awarding life to enjoy.

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